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We are each responsible for uplifting our girls on an everyday basis. This Movement is about becoming an active Change Agents by using powerful words to nurture our girls in our local communities. The Pretty Brown Girl National Membership is only your first step to starting this dialogue with your Pretty Brown Girl! What will be unique is your initiative, creativity, and leadership that will make this experience a positive one. You will be amazed at the impact you will have on your Pretty Brown Girl or other girls in your community. Together, we will be successful in positively transforming the lives of girls for generations to come.

Girls can officially join the Pretty Brown Girl Movement by becoming a National Member! National Memberships include an annual registration fee of only $45 and all members will receive the following products and benefits: 

pbg empower

  • One (1) Official Pretty Brown Girl Empowerment Handbook (A self-guided handbook designed to help you empower and inspire girls to dream big while celebrating their shades of brown)
  • One (1) Official Pretty Brown Girl Welcome Letter & Membership Card
  • One (1) Signature Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt
  • One (1) Signature Pretty Brown Girl Wristband
  • Special discount code for all Pretty Brown Girl online purchases
  • Access to our monthly Pretty Brown Girl E-Newsletter 


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