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About Us

sheri crawley founder pretty brown girl


In 2010, Sheri Crawley and her husband Corey, decided to relocate to her hometown of Detroit Michigan to be closer to her mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. In the fall their oldest daughter, Laila, was enrolled in kindergarten, and the couple observed changes in her behavior.  Laila lost her bubbly personality and became more withdrawn and timid during school hours. She began to make comments when she saw shampoo commercials on television that she wanted long blonde hair like that of her classmates, as opposed to her own beautifully textured hair. Around the same time, Anderson Cooper on CNN 360 aired a four part series on research results of a Doll Test initially conducted in the 1940’s by Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark.


This test greatly influenced the decision of Brown vs. Board of Education.  The test showed that when given a choice, children have a bias toward brown skin tones.  Sheri also had a similar experience with planning a birthday for her youngest daughter Aliya, at a very popular doll store located downtown Chicago.  Not one of the little girls, including Sheri’s daughters, chose a brown doll. Sheri was shocked and appalled with their decision and very surprised that the only brown doll that was available at the store was a freed slave. 


More than ever, Sheri recognized the need to address the harmful messages about skin tone and beauty in media. She was very concerned about the effects on girls who rarely see images of their own likeness depicted in a positive manner. Simultaneously, she began asking God how she could use her gifts and talents to empower others.  Her husband  began using  “Pretty Brown Girl” as a term of endearment for their daughters.  Together, they decided to share this simple yet, powerful affirmation to encourage girls to be happy in their beautiful brown skin. The couple began by creating a product line  for youg ladies that carried the message " Pretty Brown Girl". Soon after, a Pretty Brown Girl Movement was sparked and now the Pretty Brown Girl Movement has expanded to offer products, workshops, events and a club for girls and young women.   Join the movement! Empower a girl, empower the world!



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