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Partner With Pretty Brown Girl


Added Value.  Rather than becoming a competitor to the wonderful organizations that focus on empowering girls, Pretty Brown Girl Programs foster partnership through which existing institutions can implement a reputable platform and join a conversation that touches so many girls and women in this country.


Recognition. A celebratory spirit is the essence of the Pretty Brown Girl Brand.  Each program seeks to acknowledge what it is like to be a brown girl or woman and address the fact the skin tone is still a point of contention, while celebrating girls in a way that is both constructive and fun.


Dialogue.  The Pretty Brown Girl program honors young ladies in different ages and stages in life by allowing them a safe space to have their voices heard. 

  • Extended Day or After School Program
  • Focuses on social, emotional and intellectual well being
  • Supports the Common Core Standards (SL.CCR.6.)
  • Program specifically addresses skin tone and self-esteem related topics in an instructional environment
  • Promote unity and decrease bullying
  • Reduce infractions and increase Academic Achievement
  • Includes Empowerment Kits with Products and Materials for each Student
  • Facilitator Guided




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